Tale of an American Goon!

This article has nothing to do with horror, gore or exploitation cinema. My apologies for straying a bit. Below is an article I wrote for Arsenal Fan TV website. Since I am not sure if it will get published and I kind of like what I wrote, I am sharing on my own blog.




Often times people ask me; ‘why Arsenal’? After all. I reside 7 time zones away, here in Los Angeles, California and I really have no territorial obligation to be in favor of one specific team. But I am… Since the days of David Seaman, Ian Wright, Dennis Bergkamp and many more stellar players that have come and gone. I’ll try and explain, for anyone interested enough to know.

It all started at a concert. It was The Sex Pistols Filthy Lucre reunion tour…I believe back in 96. I was catching their first of several LA shows at the now defunct Universal Amphitheater. At the end of their amazing set I bump into, completely by coincidence, Ray Burke. No one will probably know who that is. I had just met him a week earlier; he was my new boss who had just hired me for this new marketing department at a Mercedes Benz dealer. I had no idea that he would even be at the show and he was surprised to see me there as well. After greeting him and his friend, I noticed they were both wearing red jerseys with the big JVC logos on them. Of course my curiosity was peaked by the boldness of the jerseys so I asked what team it was. He said, proudly, ‘Arsenal, mate’! He told me that he had worn the jerseys because Johnny Rotten is a huge Arsenal fan and Ray, being from London, was also a big fan but more to catch Johnny’s attention…which he said he did. Being in the mosh pit wearing the bright red jersey caught Mr. Lydon’s attention and he gave him a big thumbs up and nod, making Ray’s evening.

Me, being a huge Pistols fan since buying Never Mind the Bullocks on cassette in the mid 80’s…Well, I figured, any team good enough for Mr. Lydon is good enough for me so I immediately started catching as many Gunner’s games as I could. I’d even go out to bars over here with Ray to catch games on live feeds…which meant waking up super early sometimes.

What started out of some sort of sentiment towards one of my favorite punk icons (I’m also a huge Public Image Limited fan) grew into true infatuation. And yes, players have come and gone…and to me there will never be as good of a keeper as Seaman, and I miss Fabregas, Henry, Van Persie, Wright, Vieira, Hartson, Bergkamp and many others…No team as evolved and grown as good as the Gunners have.

And while many have criticized Arsene Wenger and say it’s time for him to go…I don’t think so. Wenger IS Arsenal to me. He has been there since my start with the club. I don’t know or want to know any different. I even bought a Wenger wristwatch because it shares his namesake.

So there you have it. I hope I didn’t bore everyone too much. I look forward to traveling to the UK next year and of course I am going to plan my trip around as many Arsenal games as I can.

Thank you.

-Orlando G Acosta


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